1:1 Support

Our team works with each participant to identify their goals and interests and develop an individualised plan to help them reach their full potential. We understand that each participant is unique, and we take a person-centred approach to our work, focusing on the individual needs. 

We believe that developing life skills are an essential part of independent living. Our life skills programs cover a wide range of areas including cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, budgeting, money management and time management. We work closely with families and caregivers to ensure that participants have the support they need to be independent.

Community Participation

We are committed to supporting participants access the community and encourage social participation. We believe that community participation is essential for personal growth and development. 

We offer a range of programs and services to support community participation, including social and recreational activities. These activities are designed to be fun and engaging while also providing opportunities for participants to build their social skills and relationships with others in their community. 

Domestic Assistance

Our goal is to provide reliable and compassionate domestic assistance to help each participant maintain their independence and quality of life. Our team of trained staff are dedicated to ensuring everything is kept clean and organised by helping with daily household tasks. This will ensure our participants can live comfortability in their own homes.

Travel & Transport Assistance

We provide travel and transport assistance to our participants enabling them to go wherever they need. Our mission is to make travel accessible and enjoyable to everyone, regardless of their abilities. 

Our transport services make it easy to do daily activities including going to appointments, visiting family and friends, shopping and going to and from school.

Speech Therapy

Unlock your communication potential with our Speech Therapy services! Our team of dedicated Speech Pathologists work to assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of communication disorders including speech, language, cognitive communication and social communication. Holistic interventions aim to provide personalised support to help individuals work towards their goals, improve their communication abilities and enhance their quality of life.

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